Like I was saying....

Not too bad….

Today was fairly smooth. A handful of people asked for a bit of explanation. Many said that were proud and happy for us. Some just winked.

Now I have over a month and a half of having my mind in two places. I was looking around some youth ministry forums this week. Most people there said that two weeks was the ideal time for a notice to be given. And here I am at two months. But I can’t imagine it being only two weeks. Heck, it’s been one week already!

But some have suggested it being a slow disolve of my responsibilities over the last month. Almost to the point of me doing nothing the last couple of weeks. That way responsibility can be effectively handed over to the new boss(s) and then it’s not a cold turkey sort of thing. Plus, around that time The Wife will have The Kid Part II. Supposed to be here right in the middle of the month. We’ll see, but I’m sure that will be an interesting time.

We stuck a FOR SALE sign in our yard yesterday. It blew off in the night (omen? I think not.) But want to try and sell it ourself. We’ve gotten two calls of interest so far. Just basic inquiries. But we want to sell fast and find something fast too. I wouldn’t mind renting an apartment for a few months. But The Wife would rather not. We’ll see what we end up thinking is the best route to take at the time. Moving is going to be pretty stressful, I can already tell.

I dropped one of my seminary classes. I should have dropped both. I have absolutely no motivation right now to do any of the work.

Oh yeah….Mississippi State sucks at football. I’ll go ahead and say we will for the next, oh….., 3 years.

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  1. vicki

    rick and I are praying you and your family in this stressful time. state does suck at football but only slightly more so than carolina. don't tell rick i said that. he still thinks carolina will go to a bowl game.

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