Like I was saying....

Now I MUST run…

My wife is the runner. I am the poser when it comes to running. I’ll do it now and then. But I seem to concentrate less on the “now” and more on the “then”. There was a time when I ran more regularly, but it hasn’t been lately. But even on our wedding date, the two of us ran in the Gum Tree 10K run in Tupelo, MS before our wedding. Heck, even one of her bridesmaids and four of my groomsmen ran it with us.

Leading up to that day, my wife (fiance) and I would run a 10K race on the weekend, then I’d spend all week recovering from the soreness and stiffness, then run another one. We did that for 4 weekends straight until our wedding “race”.

But yesterday my wife brings up a race that’s going to be here in Clinton. It’s the Brickstreet Firefly 5K. At first, I thought, “Cool, I can do this.” But then she goes and starts telling some friends about it too, wanting us all to run it together.  So now I have more people to worry about. With just Beverly, I know I’ll finish behind her, but with a slew of other people, I’ll have to actually train a little so I won’t come in last in our group of friends. Who likes coming in last?

So. Now I MUST run to prepare. Three weeks. That’s enough, right? Enough time to build up some endurance. To build up a little burst of speed for the end. And maybe a little confidence as well so I really don’t come in last of all the people I know running.

Oh, and on my wedding day….Beverly came in first from our wedding party, and I came in …. last! But I was saving my energy!


  1. kevin

    I’m jealous! Before I hurt me knee, I was a runner. I didn’t love the first mile so much, but after that, it was great! I have dreams delusions of running again someday.

  2. Blake

    The first and the third mile are still feeling about the same to me right now. But it will get better. Any hope of your knees cooperating?

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