My back is killing me. Well, not killing me, but there’s something wrong with it. I think it is a flexibility issue or something. It’s not a recent thing. I can remember being in my apartment when I was in college. I remember thinking I was about to go out for a run and I was sitting in a chair leaning all the way over to stretch my back a little (not an official stretch), but I remember feeling a little twinge in the bottom right of my back.

A number of years later, I remember trying to get ready for a ski trip and I was doing some leg presses at the gym I felt that same pull/twinge. And it did me bad. I actually went to get a massage (which was a waste of money) to try to work something out. But taking some muscle relaxers for a few days was the ticket.

But crazy thing is, it seems that half the time I try to do leg exercises (squats or lunges) by lower back gets pretty stiff. But the other night, while just doing some stretches, I tweaked something again. So in my average walking around daily activities, it’s not so bad. But sometimes in propping my feet up or trying to move my legs in certain ways, I can tell something’s not right.

I’m hoping to concentrate on some cardio and some stretching and core building exercises that I hope will help w/ posture and flexibility and longevity of life…