Like I was saying....

Now we are ALL in one place

All I can say is wow.

Our goal over the weekend was to get to Clinton Thursday. Close on the house Friday morning. Pick up the 26′ Uhaul truck. Load it up. Then eat with some friends Friday night in Jacktown. And then drive home Saturday morning and unload everything into my dad’s house.

Started off well. We got there, watched LOST, closed on the house Friday (everything went SMOOTH) then went to get the truck.  It was HUGE. I was scared of driving it. And it looked to be bigger than we needed. But rather than downsizing I kept it.

We get to the house and start loading up w/ a little help from our friends. Slowly, but steadily it became increasingly more and more obvious to me: our stuff wasn’t going to fit in that (too big) truck. The Wife tried to think positively about it, but it was clear to me. Two trips would be needed.

So here’s what we did. We packed that 26′ to the gills (sorta), emptied the house and moved everything else to the garage. Then before we drove to New Albany we reserved at 17′ UHaul. The drive to New Albany was through fog so thick you could hammer a nail into it, but we made it.  Then we went to bed but I couldn’t get any sleep. Was still awake at 2am. I got up at 4:30am to drive back down to Clinton to load up the rest of our stuff.

My dad and I got it pretty easily and then it was another trip up I-55 to get back home. Once I arrived I got to unload two UHaul trucks. But somehow it all fit into my dad’s house. Although it’s tight, that means that our whole house full of stuff fit into storage space and extra bedrooms in my dad house that already had his and my stepmom’s stuff in it.

But with our “space” having our furniture in it now, it feels a little more comfortable. But we look forward to our own place soon. But are so thankful for the opportunity to save a little money in the coming months.


  1. Rick

    Always good to get the stuff moved in – and then make the pledge to never ever take it out again :). Congrats!!

  2. Blake

    Yeah, we’d talked about renting. But are 99% sure we won’t move until we move into a house we buy so we don’t have to move twice.

  3. g

    Congratulations! Now get some rest.

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