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Build up?

Brody brings up a good point about nearly 40 times in the Bible we are instructed to “build up” each other in some way or another. A friend of mine used to like to use the word edify a lot. But either way we, as believers and followers of Christ are implored to build each other up, to encourage, to lift, to spur them on to excellence. So here are a few build ups:

Emily Witt: Has given a couple of years (at least) of her life to go to Columbia down in South America to teach school. The crazy thing is that she didn’t take any Spanish classes in high school or college. But she’s following her heart (owned by Jesus) into making an impact in the children’s lives down there. So pray for her that she shares Jesus’ love both in and out of her classroom each day.

Scott Harrison: The guy was a night club producer or promoter in NYC, then realized he was being called to something much more meaningful and through a series of events came to start Charity:Water and is building numerous wells in Africa, bringing clean water to people who have never had it in their life. The Wife and I actually gave some water as Christmas gifts this year. He has huge goals for the impact that clean water can and will make on those communities. Pray that God is directing each of his decisions.

Drew McNeil: Is a good friend who is working with Campus Crusade for Christ over in Italy. he’s been back there for the last few months, but this is his 3rd trip there. It’s been really cool to see a passion for the lost of Italy grow in Drew. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up marring a Roman or something. Please pray for Drew that he is used by God to take the gospel of Christ into some pretty dark places there in Italy through relationships and conversations.

So go share a little love towards these people. Or at the least pray at least once today for each of them. Oh, and go give Brody a little love too.


  1. Emily

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Blake, and for taking the time to build me up. Me allegro mucho que tu eres un beun amigo. Ayudame a repartir la verdad y noticias buenas. Muchas gracias por todo, hermano.

  2. g

    Right now we are working at “building each other up” at work. There is a lot of stress and pressure in the office, and only one person at a time is allowed to go nuts; the others are supposed to step in and be supportive. I have started doing a short devotional with several others sometime during the morning when we are all at a stopping point; I think it might be helping the attitudes in the there.

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