I’ve been waiting on saying anything about it until I could get a pic or two ready to put on here w/ it, but I figure I better go ahead and say something about it.

We got up like normal on a Saturday morning…hoping to sleep in, but not as late as we’d like since we have a 2 year old. My wife went and found her Happy Anniversary card that I’d hand made. It was plain white with black ink on it. How’s that for creative? But it was from the heart, and that’s what counts, right? I didn’t have her any big, fantastic gift though. We’d decided not to get each other “stuff” because we’re going to the beach in a few weeks and that will cost some money and plus we can probably see stuff there we’ll want to get.

We were supposed to go to The Wife’s aunt’s wedding at two in the afternoon. So we’re almost there and I realize that I’ve yet to eat lunch and will be really uncomfortable about it after the wedding. So we attempt to swing through the Wendy’s drive through quickly. But it’s not moving.Twenty minutes later we get to where the wedding is, and we’re there by 10 til….but it’s not there. Turns out the wedding it across town. So we get there late and wait outside for everyone to come out.

Turns out the wedding is in the Elvis Presley Chapel, and it was right next to the house where Elvis was born and grew up in. And to think that I’ve lived here all my life and never had seen it. Anyway, wedding over, reception over..then off to the Gum Tree Arts Festival. It wasn’t as good this year. But there was some cool stuff. There was some absolute crap too. A big splatter painting being sold for $1500. I know cars that are not worth that much but they get the job done.

Then the The Wife and I take The Kid to her (The Wife’s) parents while the two of us go to Lifeway to look at books, then we try to decide on where to eat supper. I’m not hungry at all. Not even remotely, but it’s out anniversary so I’ll eat a salad. Plus being in the sun w/o my sunglasses I’ve lost has given me a headache. But we drive by a few restaurants with hour long waits..but after almost going home, decide to go by Vanelli’s. A really good restaurant we both like but haven’t been to in forever.

While waiting for a table the owner takes our pic and The Wife tells him it’s our anniversary. I’m thinking “Free Meal”. Turns out he was thinking, “Free Picture”. But after our meal we get to go to his office to wait on the printer to spit it out. There’s a big italian looking guy from Miami in there. Turns out it’s Comedy Night and he’s the comedien. So he says, “Yo! Yous staying for da show?” So we stay for a bit, he’s funny, but a touch raw, but the 2nd hand smoke was killing us, and I had to get my pregnant wife outta there.

That’s my anniversary, w/o the pics. I’ll have a few for you soon. And we got home to a big surprise from our dog too, but more on that later.