Like I was saying....

Please pray

If you’ve been reading much at all lately, you’ll remember my points of the early service our church had this summer was tried as a Contemporary service. It was very successful. But it was originally slated as a Summer service, with the intent to review it at the end of the summer to see if it would continue through the fall. I think the success of the service surprised many.

So now, the issue is whether to continue it or not. I thought it was decided, but maybe it’s not. If our church were a beach, I think there’s either a red flag flying or a pretty strong yellow. I think there’s becoming a strong under tow that is pulling people in different directions. There’s people in strong favor for the service to continue. There’s people with strong oppinions in opposition of the service continuing. And were do the people meet in the middle? Or do they meet in the middle at all?

All this to say, please, please pray that God’s will would be done at our church now. Not my will or anyone else’s but God’s. He know’s what’s going on better than anyone else, and I hope that our church follows His lead.


  1. rick

    it's always amazing that things like this happen in the church. you wouldn't argue about things like this at your job, if someone added or took away something… but at church, everyone feels like they've got an opinion and that it's the right one. but it's based on personal bias and usually self-centered/selfish…. this stuff grates me. you're right, though – pray. not for a resolution, but for changed hearts. no matter what decision is ultimately made, unchanged hearts will become bitter in the aftermath….

  2. Blake

    Good words, Rick. "Pray for changes hearts." Now I have to be humble and not pray that their hearts are changed and not mine.

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