Like I was saying....

Uh, George?

Seems that George Bush is taking a dip into some potentially turbulant waters. He’s being fairly vocal about his beliefs about homosexuality, the sanctity of marriage, and the ban on gay marriages. I expect there to be much discussion about this in the media.

I’ll have to say I probably agree with Gee Dub about most of this.


  1. giddy

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  2. g

    …but some things seem pretty black and white.

  3. rob

    The issue is not only a "hot" issue in the church right now, but it is also a big question for state governments and for the federal government. It has definitely been addressed among the democratic presidential candidates. While I disagree with Bush's opinion, I am pleased that we are at least discussing it openly. Contrary to "g," this is not a black or white issue. Anyone has struggled with this and/or loves someone who is gay/lesbian should know that!

  4. Blake

    Just because something could be a difficult situation doesn't mean it still can't be a black/white situation.

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