Like I was saying....

Pray, Daddy…

Putting my daughter to bed at night really isn’t that hard of a thing. She is usually really agreeable about it and looks forward to it sometimes even. After a cup of milk, reading a few books, a once over with the toothbrush she’s ready to go. A few weeks ago my wife and I started praying with her each night before we left the room. But some nights I’d be interested in the tv and think, “The two of them can pray together just fine.” But it seems that our daughters wants both Mommy and Daddy to pray by her bed before the door is shut for the night. Sometimes is initially seems like a chore, but I’m always glad I made the time for it.

I’d wondered if she was really catching on to what we’ve been doing. I still do, I guess. But tonight she was asking to go Night-Night and saying, “Pray, Daddy!” She was sitting in my lap. She ended up covering her eyes and started making some gibberish. I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed it had a rhythm to it. I started paying attention to it…then heard her say, “Amen!” Ded gum, she was praying! I figured out she’d been saying, “Thank you, Jesus” over and over and over. Cool stuff! She’s not yet two and learning to pray.

She and I watched Survivor tonight too. I must admit that I make it a point to watch that each week. I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I do have a few shows I pay attention too. It’s raining like crazy outside too. That means I don’t need the local weather nerd to come interrupt my quality time with my daughter to tell me about a flash flood warning a few counties over. Unless it’s down the street from me…tell me about it during the commercials. He must have heard me because that’s what he started doing…that and just having a contstant ticker across the bottom. [That was very shallow of me…sorry.]


  1. giddy

    That's one cool kid you have there–all the more reason to pay attention to those weather bulletins.

  2. Elizabeth

    That's cool!

  3. yafreax

    awesome stuff… i remember pretty much the same scenario with tristen… it gets better… soon she'll start actually praying and saying things that she's thinking about on her own… kids are great and when they have good parents like you guys to look up to, they're even better. Enjoy it!

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