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Puppy Love

So there’s a new addition to the Thompson household. Yesterday my wife went to the gym for a quick workout. She called me before she got inside to tell me there is a lady giving away cute puppies in the parking lot and can we get one? She asked an impulsive question, and I responded with an impulsive “Yes!”

So she comes home w/ a puppy in a box. We were going to surprise the girls. They were sitting at the end of the driveway. So I walk out there with the box and ask them if the garbage man was coming today. They said no. I sigh and say I guess I’ll have to leave this box out by the road until the trash collector comes on Tuesday. Of course the wanted to look in the box. And they found this:


So we’ll see if this little cocker spaniel survives two very “hands on” little girls. He whined and cried off and on last night. For some reason my wife brought the dog home, but I was the one who took him out the most.

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  1. Rick

    I think the puppy has your eyes.

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