Like I was saying....

Quick Catchup

Because I’ve been out of the blogosphere the past few days, I’ll just give a quick catch up as to what’s been on my mind or what I’ve done.

  • I’ve actually been working out on a regular basis. I think I can tell a difference, but probably no one else. But it’s good to be going in there on a regular basis and knowing that I’m getting something accomplished.
  • I still need to eat a little better though…
  • I also need to put more effort into my Spiritual Training, not focus most of my energy on my physical training.
  • I’m going to get to see Monster’s Inc. On Ice this weekend! Aren’t we excited? I’m not sure if I am yet or not. If my daughter likes it, then it’s worth it, but otherwise…sheesh!

  • I’m 2-2 in Fantasy Football. The two leagues I’m Commish of, I lost. Go figure. But the season is still young.
  • What makes a particular worship service specific to a particular denomination? Did that make sense? I guess, what makes one be Methodist, or Baptist, or Presbyterian, or Pentacostal, or whatever? What makes or marks the defining lines?
  • MSU plays @ Tulane this weekend. They have a great QB, and better than decent RB/WR’s. But the OL is suspect. That’s our saving grace, if there is one.
  • I’ve read a few cool quotes and stories the last few days…I’ll share them later
  • That’s all for now.


    1. giddy

      What makes a particular worship service specific to a particular denomination? Would that be the rituals or the "rules" that, in some denominations, are stuffed down one's throat? The "Order of Worship"? I am a member of a Methodist church, but I consider myself to be Christian, not Methodist. I am Spirit-led, not bishop-led, council-led or minister-led. (Though I'm sure they all serve their purposes in "the church.")

    2. rick

      to your question on what makes a worship service particular to a denomination, usually it's the language, the ritual, the order. as leaders lead, congregations follow. but, sorry, giddy – to say i'm Spirit-led and not leader-led is to miss out on something, isn't it? (heb 13:17, rom 13:1-6, 1 cor 16:15-17)

      as for monsters, inc on ice – you'll enjoy it. we saw disney's jungle on ice last year, with lion king and jungle book and something else – and it was fun. expensive, but we all had a good time.

    3. giddy

      Ever been misled, Rick? I know I can put my trust in God. I can also "respect" leaders without blindly following them.

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