Like I was saying....

A big fear

I guess life has its share of fears. I don’t think I’m really a fearful type of person, but sometimes you think of things sometimes that really do cause a bit of a scared feeling. I’d like to mention one of those.

Maybe it’s just me. I dunno. I’ve not really asked people about it before. But this weekend while going to the fantastic showing of Monster’s Inc. On Ice (really not that BAD, but not very good either), I got up to go to the rest room. Not that I really had to go that badly, but I just wanted to get up and look at something besides skaters in oversized monster suits. So, I go and I stand there at the urinal doing what I do there.

But then the fear creeps in. It’s usually one of two things. But if/when someone walks into the restroom while I’m there at the urinal, I always think that I’m in the prime position for someone to come up and steal my wallet from me. All they’d have to do is snatch it and take off running. I’m at one of my most vulnerable times in my life when I’m there at the urinal. It’d take me time to get thigns in order before I could charge out of the door in pursuit of someone. Or defend myself in a fight while still inside. Just a crazy fear of mine.

The other possibility was someone just pushing me and me getting all wet against the back wall of the urinal.


  1. g

    Two words for you: pepper spray.

  2. yafreax

    that's pretty scary… that's why i say just use the womens restroom… they're less likely to do anything to you.

  3. Jay

    And the view is better in there. 🙂

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