Cingular Voice Mail :: I got snailmail and text messages about this great upgrade I was going to be getting in my voice mail system for my Cingular phone. But I was thinking it wouldn’t be as good. I used to have a Cingular phone and didn’t like the system. Couldn’t delete a message until I listened to the whole thing, couldn’t skip to the end and felt “clunky”. WhenI got my new phone in Clinton the voice mail lady was nicer(She’d tell me “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” when I called her), the keys to operate were 1, 2, adn 3. There was even a fast forward/rewind option.

But after the nice “upgrade” I feel I was just demoted down to a less featured system that is now “clunky” again. Go Cingular. But still, gotta love the nationwide coverage and the free mobile to mobile.

Mississippi State Sports :: MSU football had hope for the season when it started, and the Murray State win was deceptive. We went in the tank after that. But the Egg Bowl win is something we can build on and use the momentum to do something with. It’s up to the coaches now. But hopefully the circus that is UM Football right now will continue to entertain by their antics. Basketball? Very young but talented team. We’ll take our lumps this year. But look out next 2 years!

Christmas Tree :: We got our crooked tree from Home Depot. It’s up and lighted, but now needs some decorations. That shall be done today. Yes, I said “Christmas Tree”, not “Holiday Tree.”

Youth Ministry :: Seems to be one of the busiest times of the year. Right now and summer. Gotta love it.

LOST :: Best show on television.