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I’ve never professed to be a great runner. Though I do enjoy it sometimes. But I’m not at that point in my life right now. It usually takes a few weeks of consistent running to get the endorphins rolling…. This morning they were not rolling at all. I’m still considering the Double Decker run in about two and a half weeks. We’ll see.

But to compare morning and night running is like comparing, well, night and day. A morning run is WORK. A night run is enjoyable. I never really ran much in high school. Never had a reason. While working at Camp Lake Stephens one summer I ran a little now and then to try to impress a girl. [It must have worked; she married me] The next semester at school she calls to inform me that she signed me up for the Crescent City Classic. I had no idea what that was. But turns out it is the massive 10K race in New Orleans. So I figured i should train for it.

I did. And to this day, my first ever 10K race has been my best time ever. And I guarantee that there’s no threat of breaking it anytime soon. But a night run is the best. Or a run in the rain on a summer afternoon. Sometimes it’s quite nice to go running with a friend. But other times the solitude of a solo run is needed. It’s fun to run in Costa Rica too! [Emily does it in Columbia.]

I don’t know that I’ve ever regretted a run either. But there are plenty of times I’ve thought of running, didn’t, then regretted it later. Sorta like spending time with Jesus. Sometimes I know I should. And I know how beneficial it would be. But I keep saying I’ll get to it soon.

Anywho…running. Do you do it? Do you like it? When is the best time for you to run? And what have your best runs been? tell!


  1. Jeremy

    I enjoy jogging… on my own right now… b/c its such a interval kind of thing, that it feel like i’m holding people back… jog a small bit, walk a bit, repeat… I got pretty decent last time i was consistent at it…

    I abhorred it until just a few years ago, but now its just a matter of doing it… i shall do it…

  2. Blake

    That’s cool, J. You gotta start off at a pace that doesn’t burn you out too fast. Glad the abhorring is gone.

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