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Shout To The Lord on Idol?

I kept flipping around on the tv last night to see what all was on. Idol Gives Back was on with lots of artists and celebrities raising money and support for different causes. There was lots of good done I believe. But the last song of the night surprised me. It had the eight remaining contestants singing “Shout To The Lord”. I mean, go Hillsong! It was an ensemble piece. Obviously Christian song (or am I just thinking it’s obvious since I knew the song from way back?)

It was a curious choice. I liked it though. But they did take “my Jesus” out of the first line and changed it to “my shepherd”. Thoughts?


  1. g

    I wonder if, in an attempt to avoid offending one religion or another, we might inadvertantly offend Jesus / God.

    On that note, the management is attempting to shut down our morning devotionals at the office. When only three or four people gathered for the devotion every a.m., it was okay. This morning we had nine people join us (I thought it was good that more people were showing interest.), and I suppose the “boss” thought too many desks were left empty, too many phones unattended for those few minutes. That was not about religion; it was all about $$$.

  2. g

    Me again. Over the past ten years or so, I have noticed people in the public eye using more generic terms to “name” God or Jesus. A favorite seems to be “Creator”. Well, God is my creator so, if they want to use that term, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t think He really cares what we call him, as long as we call him and know who we are addressing.

  3. Blake

    To be honest, it seems like it’s still an obvious song about Jesus to me anyhow. And just before they sang this song, Mariah Carey was singing a song and it had “Jesus” in it pretty boldly. And a few weeks ago I’m told that Dolly Parton had a song where she sung about Jesus too.

    And maybe in slight defense of your boss, but if she’s running a business and everyone takes a break at the same time, regardless of the reason, it can be bad for business. If everyone went to go watch 15 minutes of their favorite Soap at the same time…

  4. g

    I can see things from the management’s position, but then they don’t seem to mind ten employees standing outside at the front entrance smoking at the same time. Light bulb! Perhaps we should do the devotion time outside during smoke breaks. Thanks for leading me to that thought. 🙂

  5. Still Sally's friend

    B, did you ever read a book called “The Wind in the Wheat”. Its a great read and it deals with this very issue. I thought that version was beautiful….and of course I can see Jesus all through the song, even without His name being mentioned. At the same time, if I were not a Christian, I think I could see whatever God I was following in the song. So I guess I stand on the side of being offended. I think i would rather have had the song not sung then sung without Jesus. I think they were worrying about offending somebody, and I guess they did!

  6. anonymous

    I am happy to know that Sally still has friends!

    I’m not saying that I agree with the following, but your “Shout” entry made me think of it:

    “All religions,
    All this singing,
    Is one song.
    The differences are just
    Illusion and vanity.
    The sun’s light looks a little different
    On this wall it than it does on that wall…
    But it’s still one light.”

    ~ Rumi

  7. Blake

    @g: Maybe if you had Bible study instead of smoke breaks….? Because if 10 are outside at a time a few times a day, maybe gathering inside again w/ that many seems a bit much. Dunno.

    @SSF: I see your points. No, I have not read that book.

    @anonymous: Nah, I don’t think I’d agree w/ that little poem either. Pretty sure Jesus said He’s the only way.

  8. anonymous

    I have no doubt that Jesus is the way but, disregarding different religions, there are many Christian demoninations, each with their own particular way of worshipping. This is even evident between different churches of the same denomination. I wonder what Jesus would have to say about all these denominations; I don’t think he would be too thrilled by the conflict, name calling, tensions, etc. and would be / is terribly disappointed by much of the infighting I’ve seen and heard of.

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