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The Wife’s mom called us last week about a desk. Wondered if we wanted a new one. Seems that there’s a house that’s been repossessed by her work place. The people who it belonged to left lots of stuff in it. Some junk, some no so much junk. One thing was a big desk. My current desk is small and crowded. This one is big and L shaped to fit and wrap around a corner. I finally made it up there to get it and began to look around some of the other stuff. Of course, lots of things were claimed already. But I was able to grab a few other things too.

I got a aqua foot massager (have to clean it out good…don’t want anyone’s athlete’s foot), computer speakers w/ a big subwoofer, a lawn fertilizer spreader (big one that probably cost more than I’d ever pay), some Harry Potter books (never read them, heard they’re good, heard they’re of the devil, heard they’re harmless..we’ll see), some old cassette tapes (recorded tapes of Human League’s Greatest Hits, and U2’s Joshua Tree and one or two more I can’t remember right now. I’ll probably throw them away soon), and last but not least, a big Dancing Bear painting taken from above their mantle.

It’s not that great of a painting. Would probably never buy it for myself. But it looked expensive and I can give it as a gift later and someone will think I think a lot of them. After putting it into the truck, I saw that it originally sold for $225! Wow. Something that non-pretty sold for that much. Part of me wants to just put it up in my house because I can.

The desk itself was a booger to take apart. It’s now in about 25 pieces in my car port. The task of removing stuff from my den and rebuilding the desk comes later this week.


  1. g

    Is the painting an original?

  2. Sally's friend

    That painting is very familiar to me B. After Baylor had its first on-campus dance in 150 years, hundreds of those were sold. Alot of my friends have those hanging in their living rooms. Go Bears!
    Love to Sally,
    Sally's friend

  3. David

    Great blog, I was surfing and found your blog. Interesting, makes me feel better and not so alone, I am an older married, Christian man who loves the Computer and Xbox.

    If you ever get on Xbox Live look me up.

    Jackson, MS

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