Like I was saying....

"Stupid Daddy"

Sometimes you wonder where kids get these things. But the other day I was in the bathroom for something. Brushing my teeth or whatever. My daughter comes in and wants to use the bathroom. But the toilet seat isn’t down. She says, “Oh, stupid Daddy…you left the seat up!”

I asked her, “What did you say?” She told me again. I had a talk w/ her about it and told her to appologize. But for some odd, stubborn reason she refused to. She does this sometimes. It got to the point where she got a spanking even, for refusing to appoligize.

But where does a three year old hear that? The Wife doesn’t like it when the seat is up, but she never calls me names over it. Is it on TV or some video or just being out and about in town? I dunno. But it does open my eyes a little more to see how impressionalbe little kids are. Now I can hear my own youth from church saying that sort of thing in jest, “Don’t be stupid” or whatever. But that’s never really been that big of a deal to hear it from a 16 year old. But a three year old?


  1. g

    Maybe she refused to apologize because she isn't sorry. Females don't appreciate finding the seat up, especially in the middle of the night when no lights are on. Splash!

  2. Jeremy

    uh… if women are stupid enough not to sit down somewhere without being aware of what they're doing, then they deserve the splash… shouldn't ya'll leave the seats UP for us?… i mean, it's late at night, we go in there and then we may end up splashing on the seat, so next time you sit down… not good… it's catch 22 for us… 🙂

    actually, i like the seat AND cover down anyway just because it looks a lot nicer.

  3. g

    Maybe The Kid picked up "stupid" from Jeremy?

  4. Angie

    What The Kid said would have been funny- if I didn't know she'd gotten a spanking as a result. Poor little Kid. Not that I condone her choice of words. 🙂

  5. Blake

    It wasn't so much what she said, but her refusal to tell me she was sorry after we discussed how wrong it was. But like G said, maybe she really wasn't sorry…

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