Like I was saying....

Sick, sick, sick…

Seems everyone around here is sick. Maybe not everyone, but too many people. Then I hear of people dying in other states from the flu. Kids. Five of them died in Colorado so far. It’s crazy. And now everyone’s cramming into malls and WalMarts across the land.

I’ve never gotten a flu shot, but someone suggested that I get one for my daughter. But I think the health clinics and all may be out by now. Not sure. She actually was a little sick a week or so ago. We wondered if she had Fifth’s Disease or something. Her cheeks looked like tomatoes they were so red and puffy/swollen. But they went away and she never complained really. But it looked a little scary. But it didn’t slow her down any when we put up the Christmas tree! She was so excited! That’s what she kept telling me, “Daddy, I’m So Excited!!” It was funny. She got up the next morning and would go and stand at the base of the tree, looking up, and say, “Wow….”

But she’s not into Santa Clause (she calls him Ho Ho). She’s scared of him. People will ask her, “Is Santa Clause going to bring you some presents?” She’ll respond with a matter of fact, “Nope.” “He’s not?” people will ask. She’ll just say, “No, Daddy will bring me presents.” She’s seen a Santa Clause in malls and stores…wants nothing to do with him.


  1. John

    My daughter is going to be five in February and she still doesn't want anything to do with Santa. Since she was a baby, she has been freaked out by the idea of him coming into her house and doing something that she doesn't know! I guess in some ways it's good, but man, do you ever get weird looks from people when they ask her about Santa and she refuses to talk about him!!

  2. Steve

    I'd like to comment. My seven year old hasn't ever believed in or cared for Santa either. Last year he announced to his 1st grade class that Santa wasn't alive anymore, that he'd died a long time ago. Well, it went over like a lead balloon. Parents got down right indignant and outraged. It was a mess. My two year old is really anti-Santa, and it has nothing to do with anything we've taught him. He too is not down with the thought of some strange man coming in to our house while we're asleep. We too get strange looks from people, kind of like we're crazy when our kids respond with anti-Santa responses. Its kind of wierd. It's like people think we're torturing our children or something. And it gets worse when we try to explain that we try to focus on the birth of Jesus instead of the whole "Santa" deal. What a shame. Anyway…that's my comment.

  3. Steve

    Dude, how many of the credit card mystery charge posts are you going to get? Its like its taken on a blog of its own. Weird.

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