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Skanky girls, STD's, hair loss, and healings…

The speaker who came in for our Disciple Now told a funny story. Maybe it’s an urban legend, but it’s funny either way.

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Two college roommates. Guys. One’s a cheerleader (let’s call him Bob). So during one of the big competitions when the cheerleader dude is on stage, his roommate (let’s call him Fred) runs out and yanks his pants down. In front of hundreds and hundreds of people (possibly a thousand.) Talk about embarrassment.

So Bob is looking for a way to get him back. Bob knows that Fred is going out with a girl who is at least halfway skanky….probably much more than that. She’s been around the block a few times, if you catch my drift. Anyway, Bob empties out Fred’s shampoo and refills his shampoo bottle with Nair. Bob then asked Fred if he’d heard about a guy they knew in school. “He was sleeping around with this girl, got an STD, got cancer or something, lost all his hair and died.” “No way!” Fred said. But that was that.

Then that night when Fred’s in the shower, washing his hair w/ hair removal cream….clumps of hair are coming out of his scalp. He begins to freak out and worry. Fred goes to bed that night and then wakes up with lots of hair all over his pillow and bed. He’s about to lose it. He thinks he’s caught something from his girlfriend that’s causing him to slowly die now.

Fred knows that Bob is a Christian so he begs Bob to pray for him. “Pray for me dude. Pray that God will heal me.” Bob is laughing on the inside, but keeps his game face on and says okay. So Bob then puts the real shampoo back in Fred’s bathroom. That night, Fred washes his hair….and nothing noticeable happens. He wakes up the next morning and his pillow is clean. HE’S HEALED!!! He begins to thank Bob profusely. He begins to praise God for his healing. And he breaks up with the girl, gives his life to Christ, surrenders to the ministry, and to this day is a pastor at a church with a pretty vivid testimony about skanky girls, STD’s, hair loss, and healings.

Bob never had the heart to tell Fred what was really behind the hair loss.

Is it true? Dunno. Could be. Funny either way.

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  1. Luke

    Classic stuff. Hope you haven't just blown the story!

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