Well, I know I’ve not been posting much at all the last few days. And they’ve been hectic.

Monday was my Seven Year Wedding Anniversary. I’d planned a night out w/ The Wife. She had to come home from work late, but we were going to head out as soon as she got back and cleaned off. The baby sitters were here. Supper was out of the oven. But all was not well. Addison was cold. She’d been cold since she’d gotten out of the bath tub. But drying off, putting on clothes, drying her hair, and switching to a long sleeve shirt didn’t help. Neither did wrapping up in her favorite snuggly blanket.

So I took her temp. Straight up 100. But a call to the sitter said and she said it was fine for her to keep a “feverish” kid. But Addie didn’t want us to leave. And just as everyone was set, and we were about to leave, (and Addie mewing in the background, “I don’t want you to leave…..”) it happened. She threw up all over herself and the couch.

So an emergency bath, new clothes, and a quick nap happened. We ate our 7th Anniversary dinner with the baby sitters and our 17month old. Fun times. But after we all watched David Blaine get hyped for two hours and then not hold his breath long enough, Addie threw up again. And then 2 more times in the night.

Today, Wednesday, two days after the fact, I think she’s mostly out of the woods. A sore throat. Not really energetic, but in a good mood most of the time. But she’s really only had two pieces of toast and a bowl of oatmeal in the last 55 hours.

But I think a lesson has been learned through all of this.  Late Monday night. I was wondering about the accuracy of the handy dandy digital thermometer. He temp was usually 100 or 101 point something. And I figured it could be wrong. So I took my temp. It was only 97.5 or something like that. I guess I really am a cool dude. But The Wife saw me do that and her jaw dropped.

I was putting the same thermometer that had been in my feverish, puking, achey, burning up, unsettled stomach daughter. It had been in her mouth multiple times. Yes, I put it in mine to take my temp.

So now, nearly 48 hours later. My throat is starting to not feel so well, and my temp is rising….. Smart move dad!