This weeekend was Mother’s Day weekend. We went “home”. First to Tupelo to The Wife’s parents. We ended up calling my dad who came down to eat with us, and we all went to Vanelli’s. Of course I got a calzone, the MasterZoni. But it was good times. The only thing was that my throat was killing me.

I’d stayed home from work the day before because I was still feverish. Almost threw up, but didn’t. But by Friday there was no fever, no funny stomach, and no headache…but just an extrememly raw throat. It felt like someone crushed a Coke bottle and ground it into my throat.

The next morning we all went to run in the Gum Tree Race. The Wife ran the 10K while Addie and I ran the 2K. That’s 1.2 miles for you non-metric people. Longer story about that later. But after the race and lunch we headed to Amory to see my mom and grandmother. Nice supper, nice lunch on Sunday (raw, rare steak!) And then headed back to Clinton to jump back into the swing and go to church.

But on Sunday morning we did go to church at my old church. Saw lots of people that we’d not seen in a while. It was really nice. I miss those people. And I think I miss being around some, and though it’s bittersweet, I don’t regret moving to Clinton at all. Kinda funny like that.