Like I was saying....

So far, So good.

So far my time in Oxford has been pretty atypical. But it’s been a lot of getting settled in the office, meeting people, making phone calls, setting up wireless networks, and reading. I probably need to do a little bit more of all of that, but hospital visits and funerals have added to the crazy schedules so far.

But with my main responsibility being to coordinate small groups and the people involved within them, I’ve been contacting some people who have a little more experience than I do. Heather Zempel from National Community Church, Chris Bell from The Orchard Valley Church, John Bishop from Elevation Church, and Ted Wlazlowski from The Village Church. Each of them have been more than gracious to allow me to ask questions and have conversations with them.

Hopefully I’ll be able to glean from our conversations and continue to develop a strategy for our own community. I know I can’t expect to grab an method that a different church uses and expect to be able to do a cookie cutter approach and transfer it exactly as it is to our church and think it will work exactly the same.

But we’ll start up a few small groups this Spring semester with the term “Beta Groups”, while looking to have the groups this Fall be our big launch.

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  1. ab

    Sounds like a lot to manage, it’ll get there. One of the best small groups I was ever involved in was a men’s ministry / Bible study. I came to realize that we need more Holy Spirit Power filled and faithful leaders in the community. You’re a great start for your new church. God Bless!

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