Like I was saying....

Those three little letters

So today I heard the dreaded words:

“The test shows she does have flu…”

My only response was, “Great!” Even though she’d been running and playing like nothing was wrong yesterday, today she is weak-eyed and wanting to sit in my lap unless she’s lying down. Such is parenthood. And it seems that her favorite place to keep her fingertips is in her mouth. So I’m hoping that no one else gets it. And I’m hoping this works.

But as we sit on the couch together, her older sister comes and hands her a homemade envelope. On the outside it reads, “Just thought you needed a little love. Hope you feel better.” And on the inside was a heart cutout and colored red.


  1. Rick

    Siblings are very cool together, when they’re not trying to ignore or off each other.

  2. g

    Tell her she has (as you all have) prayers from g. Hope she is feeling better and the rest of you will stay well.

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