Like I was saying....

So now we’re kidless

For the next few days we’re kidless

Yesterday we met up w/ The Mother-In-Law and dropped them with her. And now they’re with my mom. That means for the next three days we’re kidless. That will be really weird. In a way I relish the total “me time”. But in the other I’m already missing them…but we’ll see them soon.

But in the next three or so days we’ll get some last minute shopping done, be able to be flexible enough to leave the house to run a personal errand when the other isn’t here to stay w/ the girls. I can watch 24 during the afternoon w/o worrying what little eyes might be watching it too. And I can sleep as late as I want to w/o having to get up and take a two year old to the potty… Not really. Still gotta get up and go to work. And I enjoy taking care of them.

But sometimes a short break is a good thing

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  1. Rick

    Smile. Lots.

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