The other night The Wife and I watched United 93. It started out w/ scattered people in the airport and the regular office goings on of air traffic control people, security people, Air Force studs and the like. But after things started going heywire, I was hooked. And I have to assume the events were accurate in how everything unfolded.

I began to get attached to what was going on w/ the “characters” in the plane. In the back of my head I knew they were real…but I was watching a movie. When they heard news of the other planes, and the crashes into the towers, things got busy. The passengers on United 93 decided they had to do something. And I began rooting for them.

As they hatched their plan and decided to do something about it, things were really rolling. I was on the edge of my seat. They were about to rush the cockpit and try to take over control of the plane. And then it hit me.

This won’t end well. I already knew the ending. Death to them all. In a heroic act….death to them all. So the last 5 min of the movie was a real downer. But I was still engrossed. But after 9/11, I doubt things get very far in a hijacking situation anymore. No more, “I’ll just sit here, make it to where I’m going and let these guys get their $$.” I bet people take matters into their own hands much quicker.

I can’t imagine being a part of a hijack…’s unimaginable.