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Soccer Chick

Last week we signed up our daughter for park and rec soccer. I’m anxious to see how she handles it. You never can tell about her. Sometimes she’s reserved. But other times pretty wide open. But she was excited about signing up. She actually got some shin guards at WalMart and she wears them around the house and talks about getting a soccer ball. She needs a size 3.

Bev played soccer a lot. We never had it in my town growing up, but would have liked to. Bev said we might actually help coach. Me? Whatever. I know nothing about coaching soccer. I’ll be a big supporter. But here’s to the season ahead.


  1. rick

    best part of kid sports – bedtime. they’re wiped out! you’ll enjoy that part 🙂

  2. Wes

    My son likes soccer and is an above avg. player, he’s 8 now and has played since he was 4. I have been coaching for years now. i particularly like it because i can play him where i want and how much i want. selfish, but true. I can’t say i really enjoy coaching experience all that much…alot of the kids are disrespectful and dealing with parents is not something i enjoy either. i do it for my boy, because he asks me to, because these moments only come around once and i am not going to miss them for any amount of money.

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