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College Footbal

This is the time of year I begin to get wrongly optimistic. I have spent the summer thinking Mississippi State is still at least a year away from making any noise. ANY noise. Our OL is very young behind the starters. And some of our starters may even be very young. Our WR corps is unproven and even a bit slow and banged up. Our defense might be better than we’ve had this century though. But I’ve said all summer that we’ll be much better than last year, but might not win any more games than we did last year.

But for some reason, I’m starting to get optimistic. Now understand that optimism is hoping to win 5 games. Some extrememly optimistic folks think more than that even. But I’m thinking if our starting 5 on OL can stay healthy and get a few breathers each game, then Norwood will get his yards. And the WR’s need to stretch the defense a few times a game to keep everyone honest. And the TE needs to catch a lot of balls. Do that and we win!


  1. Jeremy

    i’m sure they’ll do better than my alma mater.

  2. rick

    not so sure about the gamecocks, but it’ll be fun to watch!

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