Like I was saying....

So…this is home

Still no pics. Sorry. But the camera needs to find its way out of a box. But now we’re home owners. Woo Hoo! It’s really a great house. We looked at tons of houses since last November. And a few looked “right” but the price wasn’t just “right”. We actually made an offer on a house about a month or so ago, but it didn’t work out. Probably good that it didn’t. Now I can throw a rock from my backyard into that house’s backyard. And I don’t have that great of an arm (feels like I injured it w/o having ever done anything to it.)

After closing on Friday, Saturday was spent moving. My dad/stepmom helped a ton. I mean a huge ton. And then after lunch we had a host of Clintonians come by to help out too. Since Saturday night we’ve been figuring out where things go and trying to get them there. Been changing plugs on dryers too (house still hasn’t burned down!) The backyard is HUGE. We could raise some livestock back there. But it’s not the most level of yards. Guess it could make for some interesting football games.

Now we’ve got a garbage disposal again. Missed that in our rental house. We’ve got water pressure! That’s awesome. Huge tub with jacuzzi jets. Garage. Extra parking spaces in the drive. At the end of a cove. Purple room for the girls (when I told Addie we were moving from Amory, I told her she could pick the color of her room. She wanted purple. Sweet! We don’t have to paint that room now!)

Lots of little things about the house that are nice.

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  1. kevin

    Sweet! I want a purple room with a jacuzzi tub!

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