I’ve been more than absent. But life has been full. But my goal isn’t coming true.

I think everyone who blogs hopes to have some sort of readership. I guess to do that you have to have something worth reading though. I’m not aiming for huge numbers and tons of links back to me. That’d be silly. But just a group of friends who I can share a slice of life (or a small twist of it) with over the internet. Some I may know “in person”, others through the keyboard. But I know that writing consistency is needed for such a thing.

But today is the Fourth Of July. The birthday of our great country. Also the birthday of Alaska and Hawaii. Spent the day at the gym, at the pool, and in the back yard. Might go check out some fireworks in a a few hours. There is a big 4th celebration here in Clinton. Supposed to be well attended by the peeps of the place. We’ll see.

Starting to read Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard. Started it once before but never got moving throught it. It’s one that takes a chewing to get into really well. But has had great reviews of it from Amazon readers (the 2nd link in the title. I hope to be challenged and have some things to share back with.