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Well, I’ve not said much about them this season…(not said much about anything lately), but I’m not sure what the deal is. Starting out the season, I was thinking the Mississippi State Bulldogs would surprise some people. We were picked stinking last in the SEC West again, but I could understand why. But I thought that we’d surprise some folks and finish about 4th probably. At one point, I even entertained the idea of winning 7 games.

But were are we now? We’re 0-3. I expected to be 2-1 at this point at the least…at the LEAST! So, I guess that means we suck. That may be a hard word, but I think it might be true. We may can salvage the season and win a few and think nice thoughts, but it aint gonna happen! Sherrill is done after this year. I hope he can retire as gracefully as possible, and then we either promote Steve Campbell or go after a top assistant at a winning program (a winning program!) for our next HC.

We’re going to the LSUx game tomorrow night. LSUx is pretty good. Top 10 in the country sort of good. It’s on ESPN2 @ 8pm if anyone cares to see the mauling that the Tigers are going to put on us. I’ll probably leave early….


  1. jeremy

    i concur

  2. Steve

    Blake, maybe it won't be that bad. NOT!!! LOL!!!

  3. rick

    i almost feel your pain. gamecocks are 3-2 right now, after getting blown out by UGA, but nearly beating UT at their place (beat them in every facet of the game except punt avg and *score*). the only teams on our schedule that scare me now are LSUx (added "x" per your vocabulary) and arkansas. still alot of football left though.

  4. jeremy

    Justify it how you may, rick, but there are no moral victories in football… you can keep hangin' on to your total offense, total defense, blah blah blah blah blah stats, but UT will take the points.

    But i was watching and rooting for you. But i feel no pain, my fav. team is whoever is playing UTexas.

  5. Blake

    I was pulling for you guys as well, Rick. Lou knows winning.

    I'm still ticked that we let UNC beat us in the baseball regional and didn't get to host the Gamecocks in the Super!

    Oh,and you better believe I'm going to be pulling for you guys vs. Mississippi!!

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