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Lunchtime Visitors

Monday, just as I finished lunch there was a knock on the side porch door. Of course the dogs started barking and my daughter had to rush to the door. I went to the door and saw two really clean cut guys in short sleave shirts and ties…with name plates on their pockets. You know who they were: Mormon missionaries.

But I was unprepared. I had read a pamphlet once before about how to apporach their questions they’ll ask of you when they come to your door, but I didn’t remember them at all. I asked them “So where do you think that we, as Christians, have missed the boat?” They really didn’t have a great answer. Just refered to Hinkley being a prophet on the earth today that we can learn from and receive teaching from, and that he has apostles around as well. Kept refering to the ‘true church’.

I asked if they believed that I had salvation already since I claim faith in Christ Jesus, but I’m not a member of their church. They were really vague in their answers, but it sounded like a veiled ‘yes’, but kept talking about taking the BOM and praying to see if it was true or not. On and on about Josoph Smith and his visions and all that. I think they might come back sometime…..

So I gotta get my stuff together. Any hints?


  1. g

    After all that, they didn't sing for you? They caught me on the front porch one day, we talked for a bit, then they asked if they could sing a song for me. I told them that, if it was important to them, they could sing a short one. When they finished, I said, "That was nice. Goodbye." Haven't seen them since.

  2. Steve

    Jack Chick has a book out there that could be quite informative. Check out his website at I think it's called Answers to My Mormon friends.

  3. Patrick Carver

    I would recommend this website. It's chock full of Christian apologetics, including on how to answer Mormon questions.

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