Like I was saying....

Summer is here!

And with my job that keeps everyone pretty busy. With all the kids out of school it seems we ramp up the energy level a little on the events we participate in. But I’m sometimes almost afraid that we allow our actual spiritual instruction time suffer just a bit too. Having fun is…well…fun. But I need to make it a point to be more than just a fun trip/event but still be a time where eternal truths can be taught.

We had a big fat skating party the other night. Not a SK8 patry, but the kind where you go to the skating rink and do the limbo and races and Wipeout and all that good stuff. I busted up my knee a little, but it was all in good fun. And tonight we’re going to play PuttPutt golf. And then eat at the best pizza place on the planet… CiCi’s. Best buffet around.

We do have a pretty full summer with two mission trips and a trip down to Panama City Beach for the Big Stuf camp, with lots of little things thrown in around the calendar as well.

Pray for us…

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  1. Jeremy

    you are the vacation king dude… blanketed and hidden by terms such as "youth camp" and "mission trips"… you rock… just messin

    seriously though, where's the mission trips to?

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