Like I was saying....

The strings are like an appendix

I have on a pair of shorts right now that has a tieable drawstring inside the waist band. but it also has the normal zipper/button combo. Tell me why in the world it has the strings?

Here’s the situation: You pull them up, zip them, buttong them. Then you tie them together too. Do they need to be tied? No, they’re already zipped/buttoned. But they’re there so you tie them. Now, hours later you need to unbutton them, take them off, whatever. So you do the normal unbutton/unzip like you’ve done since you can remember…but wait, now there’s some stupid strings tied up in you pants too! So you gotta untie those things that really have no use except to be yet another marketing ploy by either Abecrombie or American Eagle (that’s the budget shoppers AF) to make us think, “Hey, look what these shorts have! I gotta get me some of those so all those fine looking AF or AE models will like me!”

Bah humbug! I leave them untied…


  1. Jeremy

    that, my friend, is why i am one of about 20 people left in america that still wears jean shorts.

  2. Steve

    Me too.

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