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Sunday Hodge Podge

More random thoughts to finish out the week.

  • This week was a big one because of the innaugration. I streamed it on my computer while sitting in my office. I could have gone to watch it with Pat on campus at Ole Miss. But I had a lunch meeting instead that would complicate the schedule. But I did watch. I liked seeing the former presidents and their families. And Obama seemed quite confident. Though I didn’t vote for him or the nations 2nd choice either, I hope the best for this presidency.
  • Pat wrote a little something on his blog about watching the festivities of Tuesday from Ole Miss on his blog. It made it into the Oxford Eagle as well. I encourage you to read it if you get the chance. Justin also wrote about his feelings watching it from Starkville. Both are great reads.
  • But the real event of the week happened the next day when LOST began again on ABC. I watched it online the next day. But I didn’t watch the recap episode. I should have. LOST has to be careful. They are close to stretching the plot a little too far, even by their standards. For now, FNL is the best tvshow in the world.
  • I hate situps. But I’m realize more and more how they will help me grow older more effectively. Total body fitness would help as well.
  • We’ve entered into our first (and prayerfully hopeful last) situation in dealing with a lying child. But it seems we’re on the upswing. But sometimes it’s absolutely baffling what you experience with your own children.
  • I love online communities. They can be a chore, they can be a pain, and they can be a joy.
  • A little over a year ago my family and I began a transition to a new city and a new ministry. There were a lot of unknowns with it. There still are. But God has continued to impress upon me the importance of what we’re doing here in Oxford with The Orchard. And He continues to reveal to me the type of leader and man that my pastor is. And with all those things combined….I’m glad I’m where I am.
  • Having said that, being a Bulldog here amongst the Rebs isn’t as bad as some might think. But it doesn’t mean it’s the easiest thing in the world either. Maybe I can expound upon that later.
  • Music can truly transport your mind to different times and places through memories. Sometimes it’s almost a tease the nearly tangible glimpse you get with a remembered song.
  • Small Group started back last week for us. We’re going through Andy Stanley‘s book It Came From Within. Looking forward to the book, but the time with the people too.
  • One of our toilets is messed up. Won’t flush right. Won’t overflow either. So that’s good. Even ran a 3′ snake down that sucker.


  1. Justin Jones

    Toilet problems, that’s nothing… my parents’ washing machine broke and flooded the whole house this weekend.

    Justin Jones´s last blog post..It’s a New Day

  2. life student

    Crunches rather than sit ups. Much easier on one's back.

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