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From the Bush twins to the Obama girls

For all the conflict and tension that seems to occur in politics. For all the finger pointing and name calling. And of course the blame game and mud slinging. It makes me sigh a gentle breath when I see two young women writing such a letter to two young girls whose lives have just radically changed. This is cool.


  1. g

    Nice of the Bush girls to write the customary letter to the incoming presidential kids. It shows their father’s more human side, but unfortunately humans often have more than one side. But, among other things I have learned about W, I can’t forget this excerpt from Chuck’s blog:

    But here is Andrew Sullivan, today, himself passionate about all sorts of things, including hero worship of Thatcher and Reagan and disdain for the “nanny state,” suspicious of entitlements and national health insurance, a fierce proponent of the Iraq war until he got disillusioned, and clear-eyed about the threat we still face from the jihadists. On the Dark Side:

    The men who ordered a man tied to a chair, doused in water, and chilled to hypothermia so intense he had to be rushed to emergency medical care, the men who presided over at least two dozen and at most a hundred prisoners tortured to death, the men who ordered an American servicewoman to smear fake menstrual blood over a Muslim’s face in order to win a war against Jihadism, the men who ordered innocents stripped naked, sexually abused, terrified by dogs, or cast into darkness with no possibility of a future, and did all this in the name of the Constitution of the United States, the men who gave the signal in wartime that there were no limits to what could be done to prisoners of war and reaped a whirlwind of abuse and torture that will haunt American servicemembers for decades: these men will earn the judgment of history. It will be brutal.

    I’m as partisan as anyone, and as blind as anyone at certain times, but if you think my knee is jerking here or I’m getting theatrical, well. You don’t know me, I guess.

    The former President and Vice-President, among others, no matter what their good qualities are and how much their families and friends love them, are by any serious definition war criminals. They won’t pay the price for that, I’m sure, at least not in anything resembling a court, but it’s worth saying out loud, if only so we don’t forget.

  2. Blake

    Wow. I think this was the first time I ever had waterboarding mentioned here. I wonder where people think “the line” is when it comes to getting information from war criminals? Is there a line? Or should we even try any forced “physical” interrogation? I’ve been watching some of 24 lately. And I’ll admit I get caught up in the drama and think that Jack was right in some of his “methods” to get some info. Especially when it saved a nuclear warhead from killing dozens of millions of people. What’s a few broken fingers?

    But is that what our mindset should be?

  3. g

    After being tortured, some have been returned to their own countries and are up to their old “tricks” (crimes against humanity) again. I don’t know much about this, but it seems that they gather info then unleash the criminal to do more damage. What’s up with that?

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