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Sunday Hodge Podge

It’s the weekend. And it’s almost over. But why not throw up some random thoughts?

  • MSU football recruiting is making me a happy man. Four big announcements this weekend. Hopefully a few more to go. has them with the #15 recruiting class in the nation right now with a few more weeks to go. We’ll see what happens.
  • MSU basketball is making me happy too. After a good start to the season, then a bit of a stumble it seems they’re back on their feet. I thought the season was going to stink. Now we’re 3-0 in the SEC. Even beat Arkansas @ Bud Walton Arena.
  • LOST starts back this week. I’ve been ready. It’s tied for my favorite tv show ever (maybe.)
  • Friday Night Lights finished season three on DirecTV this week and then started season 3 on NBC Friday night. I know that seems strange. But rest assured that I think FNL is maybe the best tv show ever. Amazing. Now we gotta see if it gets renewed for a new season or not.
  • Now since I’ve been thinking of making videos I have been researching good video cameras. I’ve realized that “good” to some people means “astronomical” to me. I’ve had cameras recommened to me that are about the same amount of money as what I made my first year working at a church. Wow. But I know there are some good ones out there.
  • I know I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to try to sell my Canon camera and buy a Nikon. As in the D90.
  • I want a new theme for my blog here. Might it make me post more?
  • A friend of mine just started a blog. He also just went back to MSU after working in Jackson for a couple of years as an engineer. Give him a look when you can. Head First.
  • We don’t have cable. And the rabbit ears don’t pick up much of anything. That’s why we love Netflix and But my mom thinks since we don’t have cable we can’t figure out what the weather is. So she goes to a weather website to email me the forecast if it’s going to be cold or rain or something. I guess she doesn’t think computers in Oxford can get that info w/o her finding it first. But she’s just looking out for me.
  • Do any of you ever visit Pandora or‘s sites? You can discover some cool music through them. Give them a shot. That’s where I found Owl City. [and if you’ve not found Owl City….then you should.]
  • Spring semester starts back for Ole Miss on Wednesday. So that means the busy roads and crowded restaurants and hopping night life are all about to return. But to be honest, I do like the buzz of the place when school is in session. I like it when it’s calm too. I think you can find a good rhythm there.

That’s all for now…


  1. g

    1. MSU…….
    2. Lost is good.
    3. Friday Night Lights is sterling.
    4. Sometimes we have to try to be satisfied with the camera we have.
    5. I have often visited the site.
    6. An absolutely gorgeous day, brief cool down, warmer later in the week.

  2. Justin Jones

    Thanks for getting me on FNL. I still have season 2 to watch and the beginning of season 3, but it really is good stuff. I don’t see how they can keep going with all of the major characters graduating, though. It would be like Saved By The Bell, the New Class. But still, Entourage is the best show ever.

    Thanks for the blog link. I’d been getting kinda comfortable knowing that of the few people I’ve told so far, only one of them was probably reading it. Guess I better find some good stuff to write about. I’m thinking that Tuesdays are going to be the meat of it since I’m on campus all day, with two long breaks.

    I use Pandora on the iphone. I havent really found any new stuff that I like on there, though. Usually I just skip until I find a song I already like.

    The contrast in school being in and out of session is pretty cool. I did summer school in ’06. It’s nice to go to the places that are normally packed and be one of a handful of people.

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