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Swimming Lessons…

We got the report from The Wife’s mom that day two of swimming lessons wasn’t a good one. I don’t know if it was because there was a day off inbetween Day 1 and Day 2 or if it wasn’t The Wife or me taking her. But she cried a good bit.

We took her yesterday. Before we ever got there, she was telling us that “I don’t really want to go to swimming lessons.” They in the car she told me that she wasn’t feeling very well. But we went and she ended up crying just about the whole time. She was crying for me. “Daddy! I want my Daddy!” “Daddy, don’t leave!” We’d talked before hand. I told her I’d stay if she didn’t cry. So of course I had to leave. The whole time I was walking away from the pool she was crying, “NO Daddy. Don’t leave me, Daddy!”

There were a lot of other parents around. The lady who teaches the lessons teaches about 4 at a time, and parents are usually there for the lesson too. So I got a lot of grins and “It’s hard isn’t it?” I had a few tell me that their kid was like that last summer. So there are a lot of repeat clients.

I watched from inside the house in the sunroom off the kitchen. It got a little better. She’d kick and swim w/ her arms when it was her turn. But she was usually looking and crying for me when it wasn’t her turn.

The Wife took her today. I stayed home. She told me it was better. A little bit of crying, but not near where it was yesterday. I think she’s building some trust up in the teacher and also knowing that she’s not going to get out of going. But she hates getting water in her eyes. That’s one of the biggest things with her too.

We’ve got one more lesson until we go to the beach. We’ll get our time in at the pool, I’m sure. Hopefully we can build upon it so when we come back and finish up, there’ll be no regression.

The good thing is that she didn’t hold it against me for leaving her. I was expecting her to tell me that I left her over and over after we got home yesterday.

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