I’m sitting here in The Powerhouse with everything set up for tonight. The folks leading worship are going through a few songs for tonight. Pat is off doing a little bit of prep on his sermon. And I’m waiting for everything to get rolling.

It’s been a really full weekend, and I didn’t even go back to Clinton. Friday night and Saturday were with a Staff Leadership Retreat. We were supposed to be away at a camp for it, but the icy weather made our plans change. So after I made it to Tupelo across icy bridges it was pretty good. I took some notes and will post a few nuggets that I got from out time together. Larry Osbourn from out in San Diego came and taught us. He picked a nice time to come to north Mississippi.

Tonight is our one year birthday as a church. The last Sunday of January back in 2007 was when The Orchard here in Oxford started meeting. First monthly, then twice a month. Then weekly in August.  Tonight is also our last “Sunday Night Only” weekend. Starting next week we’ll start having church on Sunday mornings as well.  Great timing, huh, with next Sunday night being the Super Bowl.