Like I was saying....

Oh What A Night!

Yesterday afternoon when I posted about T-Minus 90 minutes…I was in a lull of sorts. I was just about ready to take a nap vs. anything else. It had been a long day (went to a fairly charismatic church with a friend that morning. The service lasted over TWO hours) and looked to be longer.

But as start time drew near, someone brought me some hot green tea, and I grabbed a few cookies. And people started coming in. Now we had some cake to mark our first birthday. So while enjoying some cake I kept noticing more and more people coming it.

Now admittedly I’m still fairly new but it did seem to be more people than I’m used to. And when someone asked me where all the people are coming from, I knew it had to be the cake.

But all be told, when everyone moved into theater for worship and a few late comers found their seat, we had 123 folks in there! Quite amazing. And some of the people that showed up was surprising too. We had more adults there if you counted the volunteers helping with the children in the other rooms.

Next week is our first Sunday meeting. Nice that it coincides with the Super Bowl. There may not be many there for the evening service since Eli is playing in the Super Bowl. But it was a great evening last night. I’ll get a few photos up of the cake and some of the people and all.


  1. jeremy

    volunteers dont count

  2. g

    Wishing you at The Orchard much “success”.

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