Like I was saying....

Take that and rewind it back (Part II)

I had no less than 11 tickets offered to me over the week last week. But I decided not to go. I’m going to a retreat for my new church this coming weekend, so I figured I should stick around the house last weekend. Especially since I figured we’d get blown out. I guess I wasn’ the only one. The student sections acted opposite than what they used to.

In the past the student sections were full at kickoff and empty by the end of the 3rd quarter. They were about half full at kickoff and packed at the end of the game. I guess people were waking up on campus and around Starkville and thinking, “Heck, I gotta get there!”

This is just one win, I know. But we got a huge morale boost and hopefully a recruiting boost. We’ll need it. But it appears that our players are seeing that Croom’s methods will actually work. State fans shouldn’t get cocky or overconfident just yet. But two more wins is possible. One more is probable.

But am I excited? Heck yeah!


  1. Steve

    Blake, even I was pulling for you guys in that game. Whenever the mighty Gators fall is a good day for me. Kind of like when the Rebs fall. Go Dawgs!

  2. g


  3. Jerry

    What a win for State. I was pulling for them hard, I am glad they won. Croom's has that team heading in a good direction, in time they should be a really good team.

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