Like I was saying....

The weekend to come… (and a stinky house)

We’ve gotten a few nibbles on our house, but not good bites. We thought we might have had one last week, but it fell off the hook or something. Maybe they’ll come back. But in the meantime, we’re praying for a buyer.

We’re also praying for a house to buy. We may end up renting for a bit down there. Dunno yet. But we’ll keep looking and keeping our eyes/ears open. I’m going down for a weekend retreat with the new youth group tomorrow. Get to know a bunch of the kids ahead of time hopefully. There’s always going to be that initial “Do they think I’m a dork or do they at least think I’m semi-cool?” feeling. Hopefully be meeting a few of them before my work actually begins will help the transition.

I’ve also got to film part of a video to be used in a larger video for a Christmas Break trip I’m going on with the church down there. It was suppposed to be something cool with lots of pre-planning. But I’m a last minute addition, so the idea is to ramp up the “dork-factor” for laughs and to show that I’m not affraid to make fun of myself…or something to that effect.

Oh, and my house stinks. BAD! My wife made brownies for me. Took them out of the oven and set them on the stove. She also prepared supper. All I had to do was cook it. So after she went to work I put the dish in the oven, fired it up, and put some water on to boil (to steam some brocolli). I go to the living room. Next thing I know the kitchen is filled with thick, billowing smoke. Ends up I turned on the wrong stove eye. So the brownies are resting on a red hot eye and mini-Mt. St. Helens has errupted in my kitchen.

Now the whole house smells like burnt/scorched/fried/toasted brownies…it’s baaaad.


  1. kevin

    "There's always going to be that initial "Do they think I'm a dork or do they at least think I'm semi-cool?" feeling."

    You mean I'm not alone in that?!? 🙂

  2. Blake

    Went and came back.

    I think they think I was sorta cool, and sorta a dork.

    That's not a bad mix, is it?

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