Like I was saying....

The Core!

So tomorrow I go to The Core. It is a half day training event sponsored by Youth Specialties for youth workers. That’s me. I’ve been to one a long time ago in Montgomery, AL. But I’m looking forward to this one. It’s here in the Metro Area and I’ll probably see some friend there as well. And it seems the theme for this year is Passion.

Here are the Session Titles:

Session 1—Why Teens are Dying for a Life Worth Living: Understanding Their Search for Passion

Sessions 2 & 3—Marks of a Passionate Youth Ministry

So we’ll see how it goes. It is supposedly going to be anti-hype. And I’ve been reading some about hype lately. Is it okay to build a little hype as long as there is punch to go along with the hype? That sort of thing.

I’d really like to be able to go to the National Youth Workers’ Convention this fall. I’ve been a few times before, but not in a long while. But I’m a little curious as to how the continuing education $$ works out here at this church.


  1. Len

    How was it?

  2. Blake

    It was good. Dave Ambrose was the speaker. He talked about Passion. I know that’s a buzz word now it seems. But how kids are going to be passionate about something. And they want to see a passion in youth ministry. That’s what makes it worth following and being a part of. That we, as youth ministers, need to be passionate as well.

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