I SLEPT IN ON A SUNDAY. Man, that’s the first time I’ve done that in a long while. I loved it. Actually woke up and watched a movie before getting out of bed.

We hit our new brunch stop in the Air/Space Museum and then set out for our biggest day walking yet. We spend a little time in the American History presentation in the Air/Space Museum. The actual American History Museum is under renovations right now, so they put a few of the most popular items in there. It was quite impressive. I’d like to come back to see the whole collection some time later.

We walked to the Jefferson Memorial. We passed the Holocaust Museum, but the line was out the door. So we kept moving. After the Jefferson Memorial we walked all the way to K Street and 14th to get on the Circulator Bus. I’d been wanting to go check out Georgetown University and this was out best option instead of walking (ha ha! more to come on that).

So as we moved through Georgetown (the neighborhood) to get to the University. As we rode and then walked through impressive areas with shops, row houses, and expensive cars we admired most of what was around. But as we approached the campus we could hear someone singing. We could see a huge wall surrounding the campus. As we approached a gate there was a buzz in the air too.

We walked in and rounded the corner and saw literally thousands of students. The SAC Fair was going on. Yes, the SAC Fair!!!! I didn’t know what that meant either, but I saw signs up everywhere. Turns out it’s the Student Activities Commission and they have TONS of student organizations set up tables and try to recruit students to their causes or social gatherings. There were the very serious to the very silly and all things in between.

I started to try to see how many free t-shirts I could drum up posing as a student. But decided against it. But I was really looking at the Hoya Habitat for Humanity one. I did score some Tootsie Rolls while The Wife got some cotton candy. Then I had to go by the bookstore to get a Georgetown t-shirt. I’ll wear it proudly. I can see why people have some Georgetown pride. Seems like a great placed to go to school.

Then we hightailed it out of there to go to the theaters and watch The Bourne Ultimatum. Good movie.  We left the theater to walk along the Waterfront. Lots of shops, dining, and a fantastic view where you can see into Virginia and a little of DC. So now comes more walking…

We walk to the JFK Center, then up to Washington Circle, and then to DuPont Circle. From there we start back south and pass The White House, and decide since we’re fairly close we’ll go take a picture of a restaurant called Ella’s Fired Pizza. Would have eaten there but we were full of popcorn (the theater gave you one free refill…now that’s a great theater). Then back south yet again to the hotel. I added it all up and we walked probably over 12 miles today.

Back at the hotel. A little US Open, a little hot chocolate. And a little blogging. Now it’s almost midnight here in The District. Our ride to the hotel is supposed to be downstairs at 7:30am. If it doesn’t then we’re here in DC for longer than intended.

All in all, it was more than a fantastic trip. We saw tons, but discovered many more things to still see or spend more time on. I would love to come back and spend more time. There are lots more pictures I’ll put up and some short video snippets that will show some surroundings and encounters too. I’ve still gotta tell the story of seeing The Prez, and I’ll have a general review of Washington and things I learned while here.