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The Donald and O’Donnell

I’m sitting at my dad’s house visiting for Christmas. The TV has been on CNN for a while now. And it seems the most important thing going on in the world is the feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump. It’s humorous. I think they’re both mouthy on this.

Donald Trump allowed the winner of Miss USA retain her crown after acting out in some parties. Rosie said Donald should not be the moral compass for 20 year olds in the country and attacked his failed marriages. Donald returned w/ Rosie has failed over and over, looks terrible on the outside, and is even more rotten on the inside.

And over the last two hours, this story has been on at least four times.

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  1. g

    IMO, neither of them qualify as a moral compass but, even with their respective faults exposed, I think I would find her the better person, possibly because of her obvious love for and generosity toward children. This man is all about himself! (Oh, and I loved her imitation of his grotesque comb-over.)

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