Like I was saying....

Google Reader

I love Google Reader. It lets me read all my fave blogs all in one place. Quite often I still click to go to the original site to see somethings, but it’s a great catch all. I tried it when it first came out. It was okay but a bit slow. I left it for Newshutch, but I’ve been back now for a few months after they performed an overhaul for it.

But I usually have much more there to read than I think I have time for. But I was able today to get it all down to 3 posts to read and comment on later. That’s three out of a few hundred. Yes, I rapidly skimmed a lot of it. And some I just clicked to “mark all as read” because I knew that there was some fluff I didn’t need.

But the beast has been beaten down…until tomorrow.


  1. Blake

    Have you giving Google Reader a chance? I just went back and tried NewsGator again…and to me it just doesn’t match up.

  2. Tim

    Newsgator is my RSS reader of choice. Probably always will be.

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