Like I was saying....

The house is quiet…

It’s nearly midnight. And the house is still and quiet.

I’m not always awake during this time, but usually still up reading or watching or listening or just lying still thinking. It’s also a time for reflection and prayer. And it’s times like these that I realise how much God has blessed me. I’ll think through my dad and see the smiles of my children, the goofy things they do. I’ll think of the couch in my living room that I got to sit on while talking with Beverly or watching an episode of Friday Night Lights or The Office. I’ll think of my dog who doesn’t like to come back when called from the neighbor’s yard because they have more things he’s not peed on yet. I’ll think of my son and the way he has a new laugh and a new facial expression and likes to use it a lot. And I could keep going on and on.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for. And a lot I’m responsible for too. And I think with those combined comes great expectations from God.

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  1. canudigit

    It is good to find time / pause for such reflection during the day as well. Just stop what you are doing, lean back in your chair, take a deep relaxing breath and let your thoughts flow –feel your blessings.

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