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A few years ago I experimented with starting some forums based on high school sports in my area. I was pleasently surprised with the growth and activity and soon expanded it to cover my entire state. It still chugs along today. And I’ve enjoyed being the admin of those forums. But lately I started getting the itch again.

And with a headful I ideas I focused it down onto the city I live in: Oxford Mississippi. Oxford is a unique place, especially for Mississippi. But there is always lots going on, plenty of people in and out of the city because of the various sporting events, cultural events, and just some general tourism. And there are quite a bit of “online people” in Oxford too.

So I decided to start! Here’s a quote from the welcome post on the site:

“We hope to be a local resource site for Oxford, Mississippi and the surrounding area. We’re a gathering place for Oxford folk, both new and old, transplant and native to interact and get to know one another. Here is a place we can join together in discussion of any and all things related to Oxford. The community is a great place to live, work, and visit so we want to partner with the city to promote the local atmosphere.”

So there you go. It’s not growing like gang busters or anything. But I think it’s got great potential.


  1. whitten.

    cinematic. eh, basically the black bars on top and bottom to look widescreenish. also just the colours and shot.

    she does it well.

  2. oxford ms dining

    Looks good, we need more Oxford websites

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