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The Saturday Scruples

Introducing The Saturday Scruples. Just supposed to answer w/ at least a Yes/No, but can expand upon if needed.

At the local grocer, you see an elderly woman shoplift bacon. Do you tell the grocer?
No. Probably not. Wal-Mart’s not hurting over a package of bacon. Maybe I ask the cashier to scan my bacon twice to make up for it.

Your century old church is an architectural treasure but the congregation is declining. Developers offer $20 million and a sanctuary in the office tower they want to build. Do you accept?
Definately. I’m not married to a particular “style” of architecture. If the congregation is declining, maybe an update would be a little more popular. $20 Mill…wow.

A co-worker needs to leave early and asks you to punch her time card when you leave. Do you do it?
No. Not really even tempting. The guilt trip she might try to push on me might make me hesitate to tell her no, but I woudn’t do it.

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  1. g

    1. No.
    2. Yes. I appreciate good architecture and historical bldgs., but $20 mil could help a lot of people.
    3. No.

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