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The Weekend

We ended up doing okay with the yard sale. I was out of town most of the day, but the next morning I got the report and we did better than I expected us to do (you’re wanting to know a dollar amount, I know. We’re not rich, by any means, off of this yard sale. But for selling junk, it wasn’t too bad.) I got back home about 10pm and my wife had been asleep for about an hour already. She’d had a long day. But mine was just as long to me, but I usually don’t require as much sleep. But it’s nice to be able to see the bed and loveseat in the guest bedroom now. There used to be boxes piled up obscuring any view or traffic in the room.

The Jr. High Dare To Lead retreat at CLS was pretty good. It was basically the same as the Sr. High two weeks ago, except for seeming a little less organized. Not sure why. And there was one less workshop that afternoon. So we went into town and hung out on the Square a bit (downtown Oxford Square…pretty neat, even if you are a Bulldog). The eight of us walked around sampling some of the stores. Square Books was nice as usual. During my college summers when I worked at Lake Stephens I would eat lunch on Saturdays then go sit on the upstairs porch at Square Books overlooking the Square. Peaceful & relaxing.

We also went in a children’s clothing store where everyone was telling I needed to get this/that for my daughter. I have to admit, they had some really cool looking clothes. All except the price tag, that is. Some of the outfits were well over $100. I mean, $66 for a pair of purple pants she’ll outgrow in less than a year! The yardsale wasn’t that great. We did go in Square Books Jr. and found her a book though…for $9.95.
A few more stores, harrassing a statue of William Faulkner before finally stopping at Abner’s for some of the best chicken around for supper. Oxford really is a good town. Lots of history and culture embodied there. Pretty town. But the air of social elietism that emanates from the University there tends to sour it just a bit for me.
Back at camp, I revisited my youth in a mean game of Four Square. Man, there are so many rules these days. And it seems that people never think they are out, even when it is obvious to everyone there watching. But I played more Four Square with a under-inflated basketball this weekend than I have in the past 8 years probably. But it was good fun with the kids.

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  1. John

    The real question we want to know is: Do you have enough to get the X-Box??

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