Like I was saying....

Bulldogs Win! Bulldogs Win!

Well, the mighty, mighty Bulldogs pulled off another win on Saturday. Their second win in probably the last 10 or so games. Florida-Shmorida! Who cares that UMiss beat them, we beat big bad Vandy!

So now we’re 1-4, 1-1 in the SEC. Not that good, huh? The crazy thing is, I don’t think we really stink that badly. I mean, yeah we do. But we shouldn’t. I think the talent is there on the team, it’s just not meshing or jelling with the coaches or the experience isn’t there yet or something. I still think the future looks bright, but the present is very cloudy.

Will Jackie stay or go? That’s the big question. And more and more I’m thinking he’ll still be here next year. I was thinking that even before the win over Vandy. Not sure that’s the right decision..but we’ll see. Memphis is next. A game we can win, but we’ll see how it goes.


  1. rob

    It's amazing how one win can turn things around. Hopefully, it's the confidence our young players needed. Go DAWGS! As far as Jackie's future, I say we win 4 games, he stays. If we win 4 and beat Ole Miss, then there's no question he's staying.

  2. Steve

    Hey, I hope Jackie stays. I think Jackie and State are a good fit. Please stay King Jackie!

  3. Blake

    You wish you had him, Steve.

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